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Over 60 Injured in Connecticut Train Crash

Two commuter trains collided near Bridgeport, Connecticut Friday night, leaving over 60 passengers injured. Fortunately there were no fatalities in the collision, but 5 passengers suffered critical injuries.The accident occurred around 6:10pm when an eastbound train heading for New Haven derailed and crossed into the path of an oncoming New York bound train. There were an estimated 700 passengers aboard both trains.At this time authorities are uncertain of what caused the eastbound train’s derailment. Amtrak has announced that it is shutting down train service between New York and Boston indefinitely. The National Transportation Safety Board is leading an investigation into the accident, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority is halting normal service on the New Haven Line until the investigation and repairs are completed.We agree with the MTA that one of the main priorities in the wake of this incident should be finding out what went wrong with the eastbound train causing it to derail so that this kind of tragedy might be avoided in the future.We sincerely hope that the present victims are properly treated for the physical and emotional trauma they endured. We wish them the best in the coming days.

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