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Class action lawsuits can be some of the most challenging cases for an attorney to take on. When a large number of plaintiffs suffer damages at the hands of a single party, it is often more efficient for them to bring a class action suit, in which one or several plaintiffs sue the defendant on behalf of all the plaintiffs, and then divide up the compensation between them. While these cases are typically more expedient and cost effective than launching many individual lawsuits, they do create the added complication of how to fairly divide the settlement.

One high profile case that has proved particularly difficult for both its victims and attorneys is the lawsuit against Johns Hopkins Health System for the unauthorized photographing of thousands of patients’ genitalia by gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy. Dr. Levy was caught using a pen camera to photograph his patients early last year, and soon afterwards police found thousands of videos and over a hundred still photographs of his patients on the doctor’s home computer and hard drives.

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